What is Pawn And Drive?

Are you in need of some quick cash but don't want to sell your beloved car? Well, there's a solution for you - pawn and drive your car! This convenient service allows you to use your car as collateral for a loan, without actually giving up ownership. So how does it work? It's simple. You bring your car to a pawn shop, they assess its value, and based on that, they offer you a loan amount. 

Pawn Your Car
and Still Drive It

Looking to pawn your car for cash but still want to keep driving it? Look no further! At Wheelfin, we offer a convenient solution that allows you to pawn your car and still drive it.

With our service, you can get the cash you need while still having the convenience of your own car. Don't let financial difficulties hold you back. 


Provide your vehicle details

Simply let us know the year, make, and mileage of your car.


Receive a fair offer

Our experts will evaluate your vehicle and make you a suitable purchase offer.


Rental agreement

Enter into an agreement with us where you can continue to drive your own car at a fixed price.

Sell and Drive Applications

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Pawn and drive offers you the convenience of controlling your money by giving you the option to receive an upfront cash payment while still being able to drive your car. Interested? Apply online now and experience the ease of this straightforward solution. Take control of your finances today!

The Benefits of
Pawning Your Car and Still Driving It

The concept of pawn and drive is simple yet effective. Instead of selling your car outright, you can use it as collateral for a loan. Unlike other types of loans that can take weeks to secure, pawning your car allows you to have the funds you need in your account on the same day you apply. No tedious forms, no lengthy approval process. 

Worried about your credit record? With asset-based loans like pawning your car, your credit history doesn't matter. The value of your vehicle serves as collateral, so there are no credit checks or invasive questioning. 

Why sell your car in a hurry and lose out financially when you can pawn it and still drive it? Once you’ve repaid the loan amount with agreed interest, your vehicle will be returned to you in the same condition you left it. Pawn your car for cash today and keep driving with Wheelfin.