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What does pawn your car mean?

Pawn your car is a type of loan where you use your car as collateral. This means that you temporarily give up ownership of your car to the pawnbroker in exchange for a loan. Generally, the loan amount is typically based on the value of your car. So, by pawning my car you get to retain control of your vehicle throughout the fixed loan period.

After successfully repaying the total loan amount, including all interest payable; your original registration documents are returned to you with no further interest payments. Moreover, whether it’s for emergency funds or when times are tough, pawning your car is a hassle-free way to get extra cash.

Vehicle Tracking

Every pawn and drive vehicle is equipped with a GPS monitoring device. Ultimately, this gives customers peace of mind that their car will remain completely secure while pawned. Furthermore, the pawning process also ensures customers receive a fair amount for their vehicle. Hence ensuring that you don’t get into  long-term debt. With pawn and drive, you have the convenience of accessing quick cash without the worry that comes with other pawning or collateral options.

Pawn your car


Here are some situations where pawning your car can be a good idea:

  • Quick access to cash: If you need cash quickly and can’t wait for a traditional loan, pawning your car can be a good option. Furthermore, you can typically get cash within hours of your application getting approved.

  • Bad Credit: If you have bad credit, it can be difficult to get approved for a loan. However, pawn-your-car doesn’t require a credit check. Making this a significantly good option if you need cash and don’t qualify for a traditional loan. 

  • High-Value Car: If you have a high-value car, pawning it can be a good way to get a large loan amount. Basically, the loan amount is typically based on the value of your car; so if you have a valuable car, you can get a larger loan. 

  • Repay the Loan Quickly: If you can repay the loan quickly, pawn-your-car can be a good option. Because, this can help you avoid paying  a high interest rate on the loan. It can also reduce the risk of losing your car if you can’t repay the loan. 


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